Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well, we have started into the football season full swing.  Liberators football actually started last Friday night.  Makalyn and I were headed to Neosho to watch and root our boys on when I began to have some car trouble so we didn't get to make it......this Momma was very disappointed, BUT, we took it in stride.  I came home, turned on the TV to the watch the Chiefs game, turned on the computer to SpringfieldWebTV (Liberators) to watch our boys play via internet and turned on the radio to listen to the play-by-play!  HAHAHAHA - it was quite amusing if I don't say so myself.  It sent Makalyn to another room to watch TV....I didn't want to miss anything!!!!  :) 
The boys did win that game......42-0!  Even without me being there.....go figure!

This year of school is so bitter sweet for me!  After this football season there will be no more going to the games....traveling here and I said in my previous post, we've been doing this for 10+ years because Zacheri started out in flag football, then Cameron was playing it as Zacheri went on to school football and so on....all thru their school years.  This season of life is going to be missed, but, I'm also looking forward to what lies ahead for my boys.

It's also Cameron's senior year of school.  Wow!  And, Makalyn's freshman year. Wow!   I've always taken the dreaded "1st day of school picture" and this year was no exception. 

I always look forward to seeing pictures of the kids or their names in school programs, etc..and have always kept it for them to look back on....well, this year is no exception.  We're starting with football this year.
Cameron is right in the middle giving a high 5 to Clayton Miller.

Senior Football players.
It's always something I look forward too.....Friday night matter where the games at.  When you have a child playing any sport it's a proud moment for a parent to know your child is going to be wearing the team color''s really an honor in my eyes.  Well, at least my shoulders are a little more higher and squared up then other times.  Kinda like our new Liberator Mascot -

Arm and arm, 6 - 7 strong...they come out of the field house.....ready to hit that football field.  Again, there is something about that moment that makes this Momma stand up and be proud.  It's like a warrior moment I guess....they come out in their armor, ready to fight the battle...arm and arm....nothing can beat, it gives me goosebumps every time.  :)
Here they come.......charging into the flag and out to the middle of the field....huddled....chanting......bouncing, side-to-side............You can't tell what they're saying but you know they are chanting something.......

A somber moment came, and one that I have never seen before.  Single file behind the other....each football player lined up on the 40 yard line......Liberators on one side, the Wolf's on the other.  Here come the cheerleaders.....arm-in-arm....walking to the 50 yard line.  Questions are whispered in the stands....."what is this?", "what are they doing?"......I's something special...something for a young lady......a 17 year old Senior.......Krystle Coleen Miranda......a cheerleader....who fought ovarian cancer since her freshman year of high school had passed away the day before......losing her fight to the ugly disease.....they place her pom-poms in the middle of the circle........this is to honor her.......

What an awesome and amazing moment, and very respectful from both sides of the field.  Thank you Reed Springs for sharing in our loss.

The stands are crowded....people everywhere.....cheerleaders cheering.....parents and friends chatting....concession stands's in the air.......
"LET'S PLAY SOME FOOTBALL" comes across the loud speaker.......
Cameron is giving high 5 to the other players......he's pacing....back and forth....ready to get out on the field.....back and forth.......
In action
He's in....on the field....right where he wants to be....
Notice the orange bands around the wrist - Krystle's favorite color.


Spectators  :)

Score was 71-7 at this let the boys set out for the rest of the game.

73!  Coach gave Cameron Zacheri's old jersey number
this year.  I know Zacheri is so proud that his number went to his "little" brother.

Speaking of Zacheri, he and Emily get married a week from today - Saturday, September 10th.  I am offically on vacation this week so I can make a wedding cake. 
Busy times.....
I'll be posting more pictures in the next week.... 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Are you ready for some football?????????

Well,  it's that time of year - football season!!  This season will be bitter-sweet - Cameron's senior year and NO MORE FOOTBALL........(sigh).  My boys and high school football will be no more.....(tear).  Where has time gone!  We've been attending 8+ years of football....what will we do with our Friday nights? 

Cameron was SO excited last night when he came home - they had gotten their jersey's for football - of course, the Blue and white jersey's (notice the color of the new and gold to honor my boy).  Cameron was even MORE excited that his season number is "73"!  Remember my previous emails (before blogging) that I would send of the re-caps and "Momma take" on the games?  Remember?  Zacheri was #73!  Isn't that cool!  Cameron's senior year and he gets his brothers old number - what are the odds of that, or can we say someone is shining down on us and just smiLLLLed!  I love those special moments.

Seating at the game tonight I remembered why I love coming to watch these (young, voice changing,  helmet clanking, big broad shouldered, cleat walking) good-looking young men play a sport that involves....well, beating each other up.  It's because of those moments, the moments that make you laugh when Cameron's name is introduced (from the loud speaker.....Cameron WHHHEEEELLLLLLLbarger) - he takes little steps onto the field with a hand in the air in a warrior position, or, the way he stands with one foot propped on the other foot.  The way he stand with his hands on his hips (I hear I do the same thing).  Those special moments will be missed when this season is over.  It's not over's just beginning.  We have until cool (sometimes COLD) weather moves in to take this all in and enjoy it....which I'm going to do.  Here are a few pictures of tonight's scrimmage game we took with Makalyn's new birthday camera - little did we know how handy it would become...and it takes GREAT pictures!

Finally he waves!

In his stance (this is him on the end)

Defending his team

Foot on top of the other one

He is number 44 (practice jersey)

Being commical and laughing with his friends.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big "0" Party.....

My family and extended family all live within 150-200 miles of one another.  We have recently began to come together frequently during the summer months to see one another but this year has proven to be a little different.  Starting with the May tornado Joplin experieced because several of my family members live there.  They, thankfully, were unharmed but a few are out of work - a couple worked for St. Johns Hospital.  Back to this year, this was quite a special year for some because they celebrated what we like to call, a "mile stone year"!!!!!!  Let me explain it.....

We had 10 family members that were celebrating the "mile stone year"...meaning, they would add a "0" to the end of their birth number.  We had from 20 years old to 80 years old. 

In the above picture are: front left - Tammy Whitaker (cousin) turned 50 in March, Jean Gerth (my Mom) turned 80 the day before this celebration June 24th), Wilma Lawson (aunt and sister to my Mom) will turn 70 in Oct.
Back left - Zacheri Wheelbarger (my son) turned 20 in Feb., Toby Kincade (Tammy's friend) turned 40 in March, Mike McMichael (bro-n-law) will turn 60 in Aug., and Richard (bro-n-law) will turn 60 in
The other family members not present were:  Jonathan Windsor (Nephew-n-law) was serving in Afganistan but has since come back on US soil (PTL) turned 30 in April, Misty and Nathan Walker (cousins) from Oklahoma will turn 30 (Misty) in Nov. and 40 (Nathan) in Dec.

Isn't that  A W E S O M E!!!!!!  God has been good to my family! 


Saturday, May 28, 2011

8th Grade Graduation.........

This year holds "new" moments for the Wheelbarger's.....not only do we have a wedding coming on September 10th but Cameron "it's hard to get pictures of" Wheelbarger will be starting his SENIOR year of high school this fall - go 2012!!!!! and Makalyn "Queen talks-a-lot (Indian name)" Wheelbarger will begin her fall school year as a FRESHMAN - go 2015!!!!!
May 25th was the last day of school and 8th grade are some pictures of the festivities..........
Advanced Choir - Makalyn on the left, top row.
Here are more pictures!
This is Makalyns favorite 6th grade teacher got a privalage of speaking at her graduation - Mrs. Doyle.
Sylvia Ofori-Yeboah                             

Kaitlyn Hunt                                           

Julianne Ankrom                                     

Kayla Johnson                                        
 Family Pictures-
Little Grandma                                           

All the grandparents with Makalyn

Big Grandma                                  

Aunt Diane                                                

Aunt Barbara                                

Kaitlyn Hunt and Makalyn          

Haley Rouch and Makalyn          

Mak's Friends                             

Good group of kids                    


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding shower...........

Four months and counting now until the big day......the wedding day that is.  This past Saturday, my family and I gave Zacheri and Emily a wedding shower for our friends and family in Kansas City.  I know many of them will not be able to attend the wedding, and I wanted them to see Zacheri and meet Emily, his future bride so we hosted this shower.  Her are some pictures I wanted to share.
Engagement Picture
 Bride and Groom to be
 Uncle Mikes prayer blessing over the couple.

Memory Table
 Gift Table
 Food table!
 Oreo tower cake (Zacheri's favorite cookie!)
 Cake Table
 Zacheri, Makalyn, Emily
 Cindy, Zacheri, Makalyn, Emily
Cousin's L-R
Makalyn, Branon, Erin, Mandi, Leslie, with the bride and groom to be!