Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big "0" Party.....

My family and extended family all live within 150-200 miles of one another.  We have recently began to come together frequently during the summer months to see one another but this year has proven to be a little different.  Starting with the May tornado Joplin experieced because several of my family members live there.  They, thankfully, were unharmed but a few are out of work - a couple worked for St. Johns Hospital.  Back to this year, this was quite a special year for some because they celebrated what we like to call, a "mile stone year"!!!!!!  Let me explain it.....

We had 10 family members that were celebrating the "mile stone year"...meaning, they would add a "0" to the end of their birth number.  We had from 20 years old to 80 years old. 

In the above picture are: front left - Tammy Whitaker (cousin) turned 50 in March, Jean Gerth (my Mom) turned 80 the day before this celebration June 24th), Wilma Lawson (aunt and sister to my Mom) will turn 70 in Oct.
Back left - Zacheri Wheelbarger (my son) turned 20 in Feb., Toby Kincade (Tammy's friend) turned 40 in March, Mike McMichael (bro-n-law) will turn 60 in Aug., and Richard (bro-n-law) will turn 60 in
The other family members not present were:  Jonathan Windsor (Nephew-n-law) was serving in Afganistan but has since come back on US soil (PTL) turned 30 in April, Misty and Nathan Walker (cousins) from Oklahoma will turn 30 (Misty) in Nov. and 40 (Nathan) in Dec.

Isn't that  A W E S O M E!!!!!!  God has been good to my family!