Friday, August 12, 2011

Are you ready for some football?????????

Well,  it's that time of year - football season!!  This season will be bitter-sweet - Cameron's senior year and NO MORE FOOTBALL........(sigh).  My boys and high school football will be no more.....(tear).  Where has time gone!  We've been attending 8+ years of football....what will we do with our Friday nights? 

Cameron was SO excited last night when he came home - they had gotten their jersey's for football - of course, the Blue and white jersey's (notice the color of the new and gold to honor my boy).  Cameron was even MORE excited that his season number is "73"!  Remember my previous emails (before blogging) that I would send of the re-caps and "Momma take" on the games?  Remember?  Zacheri was #73!  Isn't that cool!  Cameron's senior year and he gets his brothers old number - what are the odds of that, or can we say someone is shining down on us and just smiLLLLed!  I love those special moments.

Seating at the game tonight I remembered why I love coming to watch these (young, voice changing,  helmet clanking, big broad shouldered, cleat walking) good-looking young men play a sport that involves....well, beating each other up.  It's because of those moments, the moments that make you laugh when Cameron's name is introduced (from the loud speaker.....Cameron WHHHEEEELLLLLLLbarger) - he takes little steps onto the field with a hand in the air in a warrior position, or, the way he stands with one foot propped on the other foot.  The way he stand with his hands on his hips (I hear I do the same thing).  Those special moments will be missed when this season is over.  It's not over's just beginning.  We have until cool (sometimes COLD) weather moves in to take this all in and enjoy it....which I'm going to do.  Here are a few pictures of tonight's scrimmage game we took with Makalyn's new birthday camera - little did we know how handy it would become...and it takes GREAT pictures!

Finally he waves!

In his stance (this is him on the end)

Defending his team

Foot on top of the other one

He is number 44 (practice jersey)

Being commical and laughing with his friends.