Saturday, May 28, 2011

8th Grade Graduation.........

This year holds "new" moments for the Wheelbarger's.....not only do we have a wedding coming on September 10th but Cameron "it's hard to get pictures of" Wheelbarger will be starting his SENIOR year of high school this fall - go 2012!!!!! and Makalyn "Queen talks-a-lot (Indian name)" Wheelbarger will begin her fall school year as a FRESHMAN - go 2015!!!!!
May 25th was the last day of school and 8th grade are some pictures of the festivities..........
Advanced Choir - Makalyn on the left, top row.
Here are more pictures!
This is Makalyns favorite 6th grade teacher got a privalage of speaking at her graduation - Mrs. Doyle.
Sylvia Ofori-Yeboah                             

Kaitlyn Hunt                                           

Julianne Ankrom                                     

Kayla Johnson                                        
 Family Pictures-
Little Grandma                                           

All the grandparents with Makalyn

Big Grandma                                  

Aunt Diane                                                

Aunt Barbara                                

Kaitlyn Hunt and Makalyn          

Haley Rouch and Makalyn          

Mak's Friends                             

Good group of kids                    


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding shower...........

Four months and counting now until the big day......the wedding day that is.  This past Saturday, my family and I gave Zacheri and Emily a wedding shower for our friends and family in Kansas City.  I know many of them will not be able to attend the wedding, and I wanted them to see Zacheri and meet Emily, his future bride so we hosted this shower.  Her are some pictures I wanted to share.
Engagement Picture
 Bride and Groom to be
 Uncle Mikes prayer blessing over the couple.

Memory Table
 Gift Table
 Food table!
 Oreo tower cake (Zacheri's favorite cookie!)
 Cake Table
 Zacheri, Makalyn, Emily
 Cindy, Zacheri, Makalyn, Emily
Cousin's L-R
Makalyn, Branon, Erin, Mandi, Leslie, with the bride and groom to be!