Saturday, February 12, 2011

Honors Choir.......

Makalyn, along with 5 other students from the Bolivar Middle School were picked to sing with the South Central Missouri Music Educators 7th & 8th grade District Choir today at Evangel University in Springfield, MO.  There were 29 schools from our district represented along with 256 students.  The day started out with the students meeting at the University at 9....taking  one break and a lunch hour....some more rehersal and then the concert.  This was a very good concert!
Makalyn, Macey Hitchcock and Holly Ferrell

Left side of stage

Right side of stage
The director this year was Jason Huneycutt.  He is an Evangel Alumni and a member of Central Assembly in Springfield, MO.

Can you find Makalyn in this huge group of young people???????

She is on the top row - about 6 people over from the left.
 Again, it was a great concert!  Cudo's to the school directors, to the director and to the kids - they did an excellent job.

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