Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Destination Rock 'N' Roll..........

Tonight Makalyn sang/dance in the Advanced Vocal Choir.  As you can see, the theme was Rock 'N' Roll.  Several students were dressed with leather jackets, or rolled-up blue jeans and several tie-dye shirts.

 This wasn't a big choir and some had problems singing and dancing at the same time but for the most part it was a good program and well choregraphed.

Makalyn with her hands on her hips.....why she does that....I don't know.
 Makalyn had a couple of speaking parts and a solo - which I might add was awesome!!!!!

Sorry....I couldn't get this picture to rotate.  She is singing her solo in this pic.
Today, if you didn't know, is Justin Biebers birthday.  Yes, Makalyn and her friends are huge fans of his.  Girls, remember those guys you had crushes on when you were that age.....Leaf Garret was mine.  Mak and her friends paid tribute by singing Justin's song "pray".  They took the song and made it their own.  It was GREAT!.

L to R:  Makalyn Wheelbarger, Holly Ferrell, Kayla Johnson (Guitar), Macey Hitchcock, Emily Raley
These girls have gone to school together since kindergarten.  What great memories they are making together.  They even got together and made their tie-dye shirts.  They have great singing abilities but most of all...they love the Lord!  I'm excited to what God has in store for each one of them.

L to R: Emily, Macey, Holly, Makalyn and Kayla

Well, that was Destination Rock 'N' Roll....hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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