Saturday, May 28, 2011

8th Grade Graduation.........

This year holds "new" moments for the Wheelbarger's.....not only do we have a wedding coming on September 10th but Cameron "it's hard to get pictures of" Wheelbarger will be starting his SENIOR year of high school this fall - go 2012!!!!! and Makalyn "Queen talks-a-lot (Indian name)" Wheelbarger will begin her fall school year as a FRESHMAN - go 2015!!!!!
May 25th was the last day of school and 8th grade are some pictures of the festivities..........
Advanced Choir - Makalyn on the left, top row.
Here are more pictures!
This is Makalyns favorite 6th grade teacher got a privalage of speaking at her graduation - Mrs. Doyle.
Sylvia Ofori-Yeboah                             

Kaitlyn Hunt                                           

Julianne Ankrom                                     

Kayla Johnson                                        
 Family Pictures-
Little Grandma                                           

All the grandparents with Makalyn

Big Grandma                                  

Aunt Diane                                                

Aunt Barbara                                

Kaitlyn Hunt and Makalyn          

Haley Rouch and Makalyn          

Mak's Friends                             

Good group of kids                    


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