Sunday, April 17, 2011

Princess Diana.......

L to R top row: Erin, Cindy, Leslie, Jean, Mandi, Diane
L to R bottom row: Makalyn and Barbara
 Sat., April 16th we had girls day out!  Princess Diana was a HUGE fan of mine.  I've collected her memorabla for years  - well, since she and Charles became in engaged and until her death.  I even went so far as to stay up the night of her wedding and watch it.  What a thrill that was for me at that age.  I remember the night she was killed as well.....just like she was a relative of mine.  She was a good mother and left a wonderful legacy to her sons, unknowing to her that her life would be short lived.  Her son's have carried on as wonderful gentlemen and now we will get the honor of witnessing William and Kate get married.  As a mother who's son is getting married later this year....I know her (Diana) heart and know how very very proud she would be to see her son get married.  We will have to be his Mother, his Diana for him - all us Mother's out there watching his speical day.

Mom has always made wedding cakes - as long as I can remember she has.  I remember helping her ice them.........and then I started helping her set them making wedding cakes myself.  It is not an easy job to do but in a wedding that is one thing people always look for - they want to see "what the wedding cake looks like".  It was quite a surprise to see a replica of Princess Diana's cake - and I have to was what I was expecting.

With that being said, the ladies of our family got the opportunity to visit the Diana Museum at Union Station on Saturday.  It was awesome! 

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