Thursday, December 23, 2010

CHRISTmas pictures at Mom's...........

 We had our family Christmas last night.  It's always an exciting time -  with dinner before gift openings or after.  With our expanding family, and so many families to share Christmas with, we have to fit our time in when we can.  Here are a few pictures to share......
 Cameron - I can never get his picture looking at the camera.  Those are Cd's he's looking at and shoes on his lap.

 Zacheri must always be in a picture of she is getting her Visa card to use anywhere she wants too.

 Zacheri showing us his Zac Brown Band CD!!!!
And Mak opening her gift card to Aropostal.....she was SO excited to get that!!!!

I was the picture taker so there will be no pictures of me.  I got a much needed Crock Pot!  I had worn mine out to the point that it wouldn't heat anymore.  AND, Em is so good to come up with neat crafty things, she made me a glass-scrap-booking-plate with a picture of my four kiddos on it!!!!  Those are just a couple of things that stand out.
It's always a fun time for us.  We LOVE ever minute of our time together!

To you and your family - Merry Christmas!!!!

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