Saturday, December 4, 2010


Do you feel it in the air......Christmas is coming!

The Holiday's are usually a time of sadness for me but I'm anticipating this upcoming Holiday season with joy and happiness.  You might ask, why are you sad?  For me the Holiday's are about family, getting together and enjoying one another company....with your children and family/friends.  When divorce comes into a family unit things change; for me, for my children and our families.  Making arrangements to go here or there....making arrangements for my kids to go here or there....that ALL becomes tiring and weary on one to the point that you want to run and hide somewhere so you don't have to make decisions.  For the last couple of years I've not even wanted to put up a Christmas tree, and didn't - even resorting to buying a mini, set on the coffee table, fiber-optic tree.....that's how bad it's been.  BUT, BUT, this year is new.  There is a new sense of excitement within!  I am excited about the upcoming holiday's....Christmas!  Makalyn and I even went as far as putting our Christmas tree up BEFORE, yes, I said before, Thanksgiving!!!!!  Mind you, its only half a tree, but it's a tree!  Let me explain in a small house there isn't a lot of room for "extras (tree's)" so without moving furniture we put the tree up in front of our corner cabinet and in doing so didn't have to put the back half of the tree us, "half a tree"!!!!!  It's not a big tree or anything fancy but it's a tree and when looking at it, it brings me back to the reason for the season..........Jesus!  Let us never forget that.  Jesus loves us!  He loves you!  And He loves me!  Let's not forget Him.

Enjoy this season with hope, joy, love and excitement.
Merry Christmas~

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